‘Actionable Insight’ to Find ‘Opportunities For Happiness’

Actionable Insight to Find Opportunities for Happiness
What makes you happy?  OR Does ‘happ(iness) make you?’

In an eagerly anticipated book by John Batelle, “What Hath We Wrought?” I can’t wait to see how he converges the media of the 21st Century into a single artifact.  It will truly be a pleasure to read and I can’t wait.  Based on the title, we know he’s going to bring all of the concerns and challenges to the table and how we might face them as we head into the immediate future.  But I think the title has an ominous ring (understanding that may be by design.)  Personally, I’d want to look at the future through more rose-colored glasses.

In my mind, it’s not so much “What Hath We Wrought” as “What Blessings are yet to be Bestowed Upon Us?”  Not that I would use those words, but it sounds old and cool.  My perspective is different on the matter for a number of reasons, maybe it’s due to a lack of experience.  Maybe, I don’t understand the industry as well as I should, but I like to think my naivety will bring with it a fresh approach (fresh eyes) to modern media.  I’m constantly looking for the “next shiny” object on the web.

I see “things” in the world a bit differently, as I suspect you do too..  We’re in an enviable place, you and I, as compared to all generations before us.  It’s enchanted and enlightened.  Much like the ‘Renaissance,’ as science and technology are converging in a way only Ray Kurzweil could predict to bring ideas into fortune.  Soon, according to“The Singularity is Near” we should begin to see how technology “on our person” will become really part of who we are, a transference of identity will take place between you and your “on person” device(s), indistinguishable to those around.

Since my last article about Happiness in the Knowledge Economy, we discussed posting your ‘moments’ via Instagram or Tumblr.  This week, we learned in Forbes, Twitter Has Begun to Cut Off Instagram – Is Facebook Next? Do I hear a record scratching screech?

As fast as technology improves, I should have known, so strike that!  Whether it’s Twitter or Facebook you use to socialize most, each are challenging the models of openness.  Today, each allow development to occur and once an idea has achieved success, each try to manufacture walls or fences to contain ‘their fair share’ as Obama would say.  Twitter is strategically managing their development in order to maintain control of it’s ‘share’.  While researching for this post,  I’ve found they have their own service called, pic.twitter.com, but apparently lack the thirteen folks needed to create the (desired) ‘filters’ for a ‘happy’ following.

Twitter is a driving force and a positive social force for projects like Instagram.   It’s not the capability to snap a photo, it’s the extreme ‘positive rush’ one gets from seeing another users experience in real-time.  Developing relationships with current and future friends through sharing (interests).  Nurturing these ‘relationships,’ to grow ‘happiness’ facilitated through mutual collaboration.

Also this week, I met two new folks who shared their articles of happiness-in a word, incredible.  

I was so ‘thankful’ as I was able to hear from the cosmos, what made Patrick and Vanessa happy.  It was truly amazing, as I heard from Patrick Latter from Canada and Vanessa from Australia.  Both enlightened me through their shared experiences and stories.  My previous questions regarding happiness found them.  So please young developer don’t deliver the next Instagram, make it possible for people like Patrick’s and Vanessa’s to be seen.  Both are tremendous photographers, their eyes for storytelling are wide open allowing you to know who they really are.. You get to know them better, daily..

Since early this week, I thought about the idea that my question about happiness led them to me or me to them, however you perceive it.  This metaphysical agreement or handshake led me to connect and pursue them based on a common interest, in ‘happiness’ which enlightened and enchanting me.  I want others to know what it feels like, heck I want everyone to know what that feels like.  What is needed for the ‘environment’ to be more transparent and available to all, so others “get it”?

I see photos and I see friends liking photos of things going on at hot spots.  I don’t have predictive ‘actionable insight’ to engage this moment.  It’s hard to tell if I might be interested now or whether I’ll’ ‘catch them next time’ or just be (MIA) this time?  You want to be able to plan, not six weeks of planning, but hours, maybe days in some instances to get yourself in the right frame of mind.  Whow can that be done?  [I just mistyped how, but I think the term ‘whow’ is kinda cool? It’s like who and how combined.]  You can tell who’s going and how to get there with an app like that!

Interestingly, the most important questions I think of are whose goin’ and how to get there:

Who’s going to be there? and how we getting to and fro?  Both are great questions if you want to maintain, right?  You can’t just go all willy, nilly can you?  You have to be aware of your surroundings.. You only get one life, so you’ve got to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves. Take the opportunities presented, if you know who’s doing what and you’ve got the means-take advantage.  You’ve got to stay in the mix, be ‘in the know.’

Don’t be the person left out, because you weren’t ‘in the know’ Foursquare is making progress..

“This afternoon(10/15) Foursquare is rolling out a new homepage for users who aren’t logged in: it prominently features a search box. In doing so, Foursquare takes aim at Yelp as its chief rival in the local space. And in some ways the move completes Foursquare’s evolution from a more narrow and novelty oriented friend finder, game and check-in app to a genuine local search utility with much broader “mainstream” ambitions and appeal.”

So, Foursquare is continuing to build out the most awesome ‘places’ an area has to offer, but what is actually ‘goin’ on’ at these locations?  This info can be a little more challenging to uncover.  Above we discussed whose ‘going’ to be there, and how you’re ‘going’ to attend.  ‘Actionable insight’ is needed to successfully plan an evening (or morning in the case of the local Networker’s breakfasts.)   Also, as it relates to the business owner(s) that may want to provide sponsored services to the event.  ‘Actionable data’ can improve any decision making process and allow for more folks to attend.

Be better connected to make better decisions with proactive coordinated info, reducing the risk of uncertainty and improve your chances of getting a better offer from existing or future friends and family.

What insight would make you happier?

What makes you happy, or does happ(iness) make you?

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