Happiness in local photo sharing via Instagram or Twitter?

Happiness in local photo sharing via Instagram or Twitter?

So, I hadn’t worked on my post all week and while sitting in the dealership getting my car maintenance, I found this report from Chris Taylor @Mashable which felt like manna from heaven.  Were ‘the gods’ listening to my last post regarding Twitters lack of filters to compete with the likes of Instagram?  It appears so!  Based on “Twitter to Add Photo Filters, Compete with Instagram [Report]” Twitter will be adding filters to their pic app.

So with competition, all is swell in social media.  If you’re a developer looking for a tool similar to Instagram to share your happiness through multiple channels, you may have another option to entertain in a couple months.  I for one am ecstatic.. Not that I don’t appreciate the elegance of Instagram, I just don’t have an appreciation for Facebook.  It’s ‘closed architecture‘ is not for me and can’t be relied on as a service provider (I’ll be more descriptive in future posts.)

Let’s just say, I’m thankful for future choices and the option is clear to me.

Chris put the two services succinctly when he stated “Instagram is a stream of photos and comments, with the emphasis placed on the pictures. Twitter is, in effect, the reverse: commentary with occasional pictures.”

In my last post, I eluded to hoping some future developer would build the next Instagram.  It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity.  Will folks love Twitters as much?  I’m thinking it will be pretty functional for development purposes, but not as attractive to the casual user.  Many developers, including myself do not want to replicate the sophistication in their ‘tool.’  As Chris mentioned, “Instagram’s secret sauce — a combination of the right filters, easy sharing and fast loading — isn’t all that easy to replicate.”  And based on that, they’ve built a pretty robust community of nearly 100 million users.

The quote above sums it up, if you’re intention is to consume pics as content, you’re going to have a choice of “what” before opening the app.  If you’re interested in taking and sharing pics first, you’ll probably stick with the fastest growing community developing, which is Instagram.

If you’re looking for commentary on local things going on and want to view through the lens of a well shot or filtered photo, Twitter may be a new option for you.  I believe in the ‘open web’ and while Twitter is adding stipulations to their TOS for developers, at least it’s an option for sharing that doesn’t ‘lock down’ the data and make it impossible to create and improve.  Facebook’s policies state they own the content once submitted, this is a completely different stance then Twitter.   Twitter believes the content is owned by the individual for better or worse (future ramifications.)

So, I’ve talked about aggregating or AGG (Events & Activities), categorizing or TAGGING (by locale, surroundings, activity, mood via Instagram) and publishing and I think we’ll have a collection of content that is R-I-T-E. Relevant, Interesting, Timely, Entertaining.  Something that’s interesting to those “on the go.”  Our motivation is to build RITE for mobile, first.

We want to automate this process, so users don’t have to think about it, they just click a pic and go as it relates to their event and/or activity.

Alex aka @thealexlop from @TravelDudes basically spells out the process in the blog post perfectly.. we’ll let him take it from here at “Tips How to Use Instagram Travel Tags.”

The gist is to:

  • Tag your Location.
  • Tag your Surroundings.
  • Tag your Activity.
  • Tag your Mood.
  • Tag your Instagram.

He’s given some great advice that I’ll be certain to incorporate when building out the first rev of our travel app- until next time, enjoy his tips!

Let me know if you would switch to Twitter, if you had additional incentives to do so(i.e. better content?) @holman_jc !


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