Found Happiness or Did Happiness Find Me (via www)?

I Found Happiness or Did Happiness Find Me?

If you found this post through the homepage, you probably saw the picture of the flower in the desert. It probably doesn’t resonate with you, unless you can imagine being at the Grand Canyon at Flagstaff, AZ during the summer of ’97.  The back story of this rose pic has sentimental value as it reminds me of going on a cross country road trip with my Mother from Corydon, IN to San Diego, CA to see my brother, while in the military. This trip was an adventure every person should take at least once in their life. The experience with a friend or loved one is priceless. I have very fond memories of that road trip as it was a reconciliation of sorts, as we (my mother and I) had been apart for a long time and I had just graduated college the previous term.  I can say we had lost touch of one another and it was extremely therapeutic to be ‘living life’ freely outdoors with someone you love.

To me, the image represents a metamorphosis or transition in my life to a free-er me.  The years since have been good, but there’s always seemed to be something missing. While working professionally, I’ve made several career moves to help put myself in a position to create something of value, something to improve society and something to leave a ‘dent in the universe’ as Steve Jobs would say. This journey has been challenging and rewarding at the same time.  Sometimes, the hardest things in life provide the most satisfaction (and happiness).

Some call this ‘earned success’, which many would consider to be the most satisfying form of happiness.

Startups or entrepreneurs call this bootstrapping, which makes sense as it originates from “pulling oneself up by the bootstraps”.  To begin your story, you don’t have to come up with a ‘shocking’ revelation or a story derived from desperation. You do need to start communicating and begin delivering on a promise to yourself. Get out of your own head and deliver on your ideas.

Doing something outside of your comfort zone, expanding your world through experiences with others. In my self-discovery, I realize you don’t have to have everything together to begin, but it is important to find your ‘flow’ early or you will quickly find yourself dreading the new found experience. You have to do something over and over through iteration to become good, according to Malcolm Gladwell it takes up to 10,000 hours or five years of doing something before you become an expert. So the sooner you start the sooner and better you become. By nature, I’m an introvert and getting out of my own head to create this blog was a first step in ‘reaching’ out. So, this blog is a great representation of doing something out of my comfort zone and starting.

Since becoming a business analyst (fifteen years ago), I’ve made it a rule to not create or build a process that I wouldn’t be comfortable doing myself. If I can do it and enjoy doing it, I’m satisfied passing that along to someone else. As you can imagine, it’s not my intention to be a journalist or an expert blogger.  What I do want to find is a process I’d be willing to pass on to others, so they can begin their own journeys of self-discovery. Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed the new technologies and the opportunities of the Web. From the homepage, you can see the story that’s developed over the last ten weeks. It’s my goal to create a process that marries ‘sharing experiences’ with local hospitality to provide ‘real value’ in other peoples lives (including your own.)

So there you go.. it really depends where you are in the development of your own self-discovery and awareness. What makes you happy and what story do you want to tell-tale?
I like finding local deals (value)
I like to be able to do something on a whim or with the advice of like-minded friends and family (social)
I (now) like to share the things I find. If I like doing it myself, I hope someone else will be able to take advantage my new found discoveries, and also enjoy good fortunes as a result of my own self-discovery.

I’ve come up with a lot of taglines and lingo along the way.. This appears to be a pretty good one.
“Sharing good fortunes you find along the way to self-discovery.”

You’ll find along the way, many great things you may or may not be able to take advantage of.. sharing your best discoveries along the way, can help build loyalty and your personal brand. Don’t be the one just regurgitating other folks findings, come up with your own content through your own experiences.

my own story

my own story

This is what I’ve found along the way to my own self-discovery. Thanks for joining in the conversation by adding your ‘take’ or sending a pic via Instagram, Eyeem or the new Twitter app to @proAM1. In the near future, I hope you’ll find events (or experiences) shared by others looking for themselves!

What’s your story?
Be sure to engage, encourage, empower others along the way!

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