‘Officially Out’ (Now What?!)

Officially Out (Now What?!)

Now that I’m officially ‘out there’ as a social entrepreneur-scheew!

I guess it’s time to start journalizing my vision, goals and pathway to ultimate success!  From my last post of ‘making the turn’ today I’m quickly writing about the approach down the first stretch.
Their are tons of ‘approaches’ to startups, but none seem more appealing than the ‘lean startup by Eric Ries.  There have been many derivatives and tools that have taken hold from and for his approach so it is becoming a valuable method for building a business from scratch.

I like it so much I’ve started a ‘Meetup‘ Group here in Louisville, there is no fun in taking the lead locally as attention can have somewhat unintended effects.  But as long as your mission is for good and you’re passionate about your vision, you can press on with all of your hopes intact!  So, here is the my first local startup meetup that is soon be a great place for ideas and collaboration to flourish at the Lean Startup-Louisville.

I’ve also found an awesome new tool called Tackk that let’s you create beautiful signage as if you were ‘tacking’ it to a bulletin board.  I created my first tackk which introduces you to a new program called @SEA http://tackk.com/7350xr there is so much work to do, but the premise behind the lean startup is to develop your MVP as quickly as possible to reduce valuable resources in terms of time and treasure to validate your ideas.  Actually the MVP has been updated recently on Wiki-pedia and since nothings more central to the lean startup methodology than your ‘work product’ (or service) and how it translates to your market.. So, the ‘Minimum Viable Product‘ is what we all strive for ASAP to test our idea, our hypothesis.

Since Wikipedia was just updated, I thought the info was great for anyone new, up-to-date, or a crafty lean veteran.. it’s very timely..

..small excerpt:

“The MVP differs from the conventional market testing strategy of investing time and money early to implement a product before testing it in the market. The MVP is intended to ensure that the market wants the product before a large time and monetary investment is made(can be harder then it sounds, if done right).

The MVP differs from the open source methodology of release early, release often that listens to users, letting them define the features and future of the product. The MVP starts with a product vision, which is maintained throughout the product life cycle, although is adapted based on the explicit and implicit (indirect measures) feedback from potential future customers of the product.

The MVP is a strategy that may be used as a part of Steven Blank’s customer development methodology that focuses on continual product iteration and refinement based on customer feedback. Additionally, the presentation of non-existing products and features may be refined using web-based statistical hypothesis testing, such as A/B testing.

The general method of deploy first, code later is akin to the agile program code testing methodology called test-driven development where unit tests are written before and fail until the code is written.”

While much of this may be boring, I think it’s important to document the approach taken as it can help be a foundation for future rationale.  I know some of the questions ahead..
mobile vs. web first? why?
dark vs. traditional social? why?
local vs. your own group? why?
vertical vs. horizontal approach (see http://cdixon.org/contents/)
ad vs. pay-for-play
Each of which bring about valuable decisions that can help (attempt) to differentiate your product and determine your market so you get product/market fit-“right out of the gate”, HA!

Actually, my metaphor is blown here, as I’ve already said I’m through the first turn!  Well, I am self-aware and believe I know where I’m going.. so all is ok with your support, of course 🙂  In reality, I’ve already come to the conclusion of using Steve Blank‘s method to determine product market fit, soon after deciding on the build, measure, learn scientific approach of the Lean Startup!

Anyway.. I hope I don’t bore you, “my fledgling audience” too much before getting to the real meat of my plans which include a heavy dose of happiness and predictive analytics.  Soon, we’ll be looking at recipes for branding, content strategy, new apps, new startups and innovation that will be so interesting-I can’t stand to wait!!

I can say this new post in Mediapost has got my wheels turning, so much so, I’m adding it here.. ‘My Geo-fence just saved me $10-I think?’

He’re is an excerpt that actually uses ‘proam’ in the context that I’m hoping to use it..and also ‘tells the story better than I could myself-Nobody said I was a writer!”

My hero in her own words:

“Suddenly I was on a mission — how best to make use of this limited-time offer and extract the most value by combining this coupon with my B&N 10% member loyalty card. I was transformed into the pro-am consumer, the kind of coupon-wielding, deal-calculating super-shopper I am so unlike in all other respects.”

I know this blog post was riddled with techno jargon and other aspects of building a startup that aren’t so much fun, but I think it was helpful for me and hope you’ll stay tuned for my next post on “decisions, decisions” and “She blinded me with Science.”
Until next time..

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