Decisions, Decisons & social entrepreneurship

In the previous post, we discussed being ‘officially out’ as a social entrepreneur.
At a certain point in my development I came to a conclusion about myself, what makes me happy, my ‘moment of truth.’ Over time,unconsciously tons of decisions were made along the way, why do I do the things I do with social media and why do I use the the tools I use. I thought this would be a good time to outline the tools and reasons we use the fun and interactive apps we use.

..Decisions, Decisions..

Your matriculation to real-time search & social: real-time content management

Typically, the reason a user follows someone in social media is because they’re interesting, usually for the reasons described above (hot, made, powerful) and Twitter gives an ‘unfiltered look’ into their real lives. So, people follow because they want insight into what they’re like. It’s cool to hear and see what Mark Wahlberg or Mark Cuban are up to, it’s your window into their world. Who knows, maybe you can get the inside scoop on the Entourage movie or the next startup Cuban takes a shinin’ to.

So, you want to know and be “in the know.”

If you’re not ‘high profile’ yet, it’s generally looked down upon to self-promote..
-not cool..right?

WHY? (old vs new)
Generally, telling people about yourself is a major turn-off.  We’re not so bold to think folks are interested in what we have to say, what we’re wearing or what we’re doing? That was the premise behind social 1.0 or facebook-’telling folks what your status is.’ They want to tell everyone (and everything) what’s going on in their life, possibly rekindle an old flame? We’ve grown-up since then and gravitated toward Twitter or social 2.0 where we meet new folks. New folks who share similar interests and say ‘what’s going on’, and if interested, we can get a picture into who their world, where they come from, what they’re into, right now.

You’re probably wondering, that seems about right, but..

WHY? (what’s next)
OK, so what human ‘need’ according to Maslow is Twitter’s app playing into? The need to have a sense of belonging, self-esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others, respect by others. Getting and maintaining many followers contributes to your persona of having clout or being an influencer. It certainly doesn’t go the other direction of personal ‘safety and privacy.’

According to Maslow, if we continue to evolve individually, socially and as a society, we’ll begin to want to help others in some way, right? see Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

Hierarchy of Needs

Hierarchy of Needs

Self-actualization (awareness) is at the top of Maslow’s graphic, it’s our human nature.
Morality, Creativity, Spontaneity, Problem Solving, Lack of Prejudice, Accepting of Facts

These all sound seem you feel a need to help others?  Do you aspire to improve something locally and leave your mark on society in a positive way? What do you aspire to do with yourself? Your life? I remember the Marine Corp commercial that focused on a higher calling.. it got me the time, “Semper Fidelis: Always Faithful.”

So, what’s your higher calling?

Do you have something that inspires you to be better, family, fitness, faith? Economist may think religiously about markets vs. command economies. But we’re in the real-world and you probably have many things you believe in. Animal rights? Human rights? Saving the planet? Faith-based initiatives..

The point I’m trying to make is, it’s your life, (I’m hearing Bon Jovi in my head right now,) “you’re not going to live forever..” It’s your thoughts and your ideas-what you believe in that make you happy. So say what you do and do what you say. Say what makes you happy. Your happiness is within you. If you support a cause and someone locally (including merchants) also support the same cause, your vision aligns with theirs and your missions can too!

So before your make a bazillion dollars and are able to afford $1000 plates at the most ritzy affairs in order to donate to ’causes’ you believe in.. You can deliver something can volunteer your time and your voice as a social entrepreneur.

Deliver your happiness..

Deliver what’s going on around you, your tweet is your signature. A tweet can make a significant difference in someone else life..meta-physically speaking! Begin to share your happiness, and promote a virtuous cycle of loyalty. We believe localSPARK and the proActive Media Labs network will evolve as you do. We’ll be better as time goes on. Our intention for you is to self-actualize, your calling. We look forward to hearing or seeing the next thing that inspires you, your interests..

Be on a pathway to happiness.

WHY? (be better)
Who knows, maybe I’m just trying to finish my 750 words. You should really check out’s free and awesome-and yes, this was a shameless plug for something cool and FREE this week. By the way, if you haven’t sent a pic of what makes you happy via Twitter @proAM1, we’re waiting.. What are you waiting for? Say what you want through your pic, what makes you happy?

Be sure to check out it’s cool. They’ve got a really great way of tracking your progress and mindset while writing. As days go by, I aspire to be a better communicator and a better writer. Not so much for writing sake. I want to be able to convey my ideas better in a more meaningful way. I want to effect change so we can take advantage of the tools available to us.

In time, technology and innovation is going to evolve at a rate we, individually, won’t be able to keep up.  It’s my mission to enable users to stay abreast of these changes (innovations), use the best of what’s good, be knowledgeable of the coolest and most innovative web services that make us better.

Decision #1:  Don’t tweet what you don’t believe-not cool. ; )

Find your inspiration, find what makes YOU happy.  What inspires you?

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