You Could Be The Most Interesting Man(or Woman) In The World..

You Could Be The Most Interesting Man(or Woman) In The World..

Previously, we asked ourselves, why are we doing the things we’re doing globally and now at proAM Labs?  This post will be based on [how] we’re doing it. Since I’m unable to avoid hyperbole, here goes, our/your application will present “Your World at Your Fingertips.” We believe “you” are the key to your own happiness, we’re focused on events and interests’ that make YOU happiest and we’re releasing the decisions to you..  This is the first strictly social network released as an open-sourced and crowd-sourced operation.

Today, we’re leaving it to you to ‘Democratize‘ social happiness!

This means WE THE PEOPLE are ALL going to source local events of interest to US-keeping it 100% local and 100% real.

Local events are interesting in and of themselves, they’re like parties. We want to help you build the ‘Pinterest of Events.’ SO, if you’re not familiar with Pinterest yet, check it out here. We believe the things you ‘DO’ say more about you then the things you ‘VIEW’ and we want to inspire everyone to be more active and proActive, everywhere.

If your interest don’t exist here, it’s possible, your uninteresting-just kidding.  Really though, you have to give a little to get ALOT out this project and you have the chance to add your own interest to the mix!  You don’t have to be the most ‘Interesting Man in the World’ to submit a moment of public interest and you can help your local community in the process.

We want to motivate you to share a bit about yourself, your experience within your regional community through the various outlets available. So let us know ‘what’s happenin’’ by adding a pic of you and your friends at the club or your favorite local holiday festival. If you don’t feel comfortable being in the pic, just send us something that describes your experience at the event.

A picture “says a thousand words” and we want to inspire you to help your local community with a bit of your own happiness.

By sharing your happiness with us, local community merchants will offer you ‘relevant’ discounts and offers they’ll know you want and be interested in.

In the last post, we mentioned communication is a two way street and your willingness to participate and ‘say what you like’ and ‘do what you say’ is a very proactive step on your part. We’re putting you in the driver seat. Instead of merchants ads targeting you with ‘like us on fb’, we’ll be asking for sponsors on YOUR behalf. You see, as a community you’ll be indicating, (not told) what to ‘like.’

So, tell us what you really like!

Get it.. Got it.. Good!

Get it.. Got it.. Good!

We developed the organization name, proActive Media Labs.   There’s a number of reasons, but most importantly it indicates your status as someone who knows where their going, your a pro.  We also know there’s a lot of work to do to get the most interesting events and activities in your local community promoted.  We, as in us, as in proAMs, will provide the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and local merchants can tell US HOW & WHY we might want to do attend locally.

So again, why share what makes you happy?

We’ll get the best stuff our social and local community has to offer..
We’ll  make new friends and be the first to meet celebities at our local events-nice!
We’ll earn more than just an ‘ata boy’, for doing social ‘good’ – WHAT..earn local rewards for doing good? Back the ‘F’ up!

Our platform is all about YOU and we’re going to help you ‘monetize your shameless’ plug . You’re thinking, “what’s in it for me, again?” We all know what a ‘shameless plug’ is, right? When Jimmy Kimmel asks a guest what they’re doing lately, they give a shout out.

We all hear  celebrities plugging the latest thing goin on, this is their channel and their sponsors time, it’s also their sponsor’s placement. Well, I don’t have to tell you, these folks get paid for doing endorsements and get paid for their Tweets. (i.e. The Biebs, Shaq get paid for their celebrity status and of course the millions of followers they’ve collected along the way-based solely on their status.)

What works for them can also work for us..locally.

Our first contest you’ll be interested in participating in is for the logo which kicks off next week!  You can be an active participant in voting for the first logo for the first truly social network that promotes your local events, activities and ideas of happiness.  Everywhere you go you will find out ‘what’s happening’ by folks that are like you and me and “know the most interesting things to do” before anybody else..  Sound good, right?

Thought so, so how would you like to see your events listed, on a big video board? We know Pinterest is the hottest thing online, but our social network has got to be mobile, as the first truly social network, we’ll NEED your input to make this happen. Over the next few months, designers are going to be delivering what they believe to be your best user experience..

This will be your chance, to tell us what you think!  I hope you’ll visit our contest and let us know.

In the meantime, feel free to go to our testing lab, upload a picture (or two) of any local event of interest at proAM Labs Photocracy .

“Which photo of a local event ‘type’ makes you happier?”

Your events may be sporting, entertainment, nightlife or possibly something more crafty or lifestyle oriented-who knows!? It’s your world and we’re just living in it and we need more content.  You can add and vote on pictures to improve your happiness and inspire others to share their own activities.

Our goal is for you to be able to add local events in a fun and interactive way AND return to view “what others found awesome.”

We’ve been thinking about this for a while and delivering this power to you was an easy decision, but not one we take lightly.  We don’t want to moderate or sway your opinion of what’s awesome in anyway, so keep it happy, short-term you can share your happiest via Instagram or Twitter just add @proAM1 or #proam

Send us a tweet with a pic and a caption of your experience, describe your pic we’ll take care of the rest.

Our folks are eager to tag your photos, so others can view events you’ve got available for newbies.

By entering your pic via Twitter, you’ll be entered for a FREE drawing to be awarded at our annual Derby Party the first week of May, you don’t have to be present to win, but you do have to stay in touch, speaking your mind!  What if, the most highly rated pics of events get $250?  The sooner you start the more possibilities exist for you to increase your chances to be voted the Most Interesting Man (or Woman) in the World!

You’ll also be giving our designers something to work with..  No one wants to work alone!

Our plan is to keep promotions local, we also want to keep the funds established by the platform ‘local’ to your supporting organizations. It’s time a service was built around you and gives credit due. It may cost more to develop a system that tracks local offers, but it’s important the funds from advertising are not sucked out to a land far far away.  Those you care about keep the rewards and incentives and think of all the local knowledge to show others “what’s really happenin’ in your locale.

Until next time..“stay thirsty, my friends.”

Remember to go to the pro AM Labs logo design projects goin’ on @99Designs next week.

Project UX is Coming Soon!

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