99Designs Contest, ‘Habits’ and bringing in the New Year

99Designs Contest, ‘Habits’ and bringing in the New Year

Today, I’m a bit late-but it’s the holidays! We (and designers @99Designs) have been working feverishly on the logo for our new pro AM Labs community for folks interested in providing you the best ‘things to do’ or ‘where to be’ -locally.

While some of these need improvement, I think they’re a great start for the designers at SticksNLeaves in Indy to punch out the next rev..Based on your input, of course. Please help by voting **here**!!!!

We’re testing the 99Designs platform to see what the experience was like for others.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s been good. We’ll need your input on the design since it will be used for our web, mobile and content of the newly forming community.  So check it out! What design would you like to see on a t-shirt or sweatshirt? Or another way put, would you wear any of the logos presented? Finally, the ultimate test, would you ‘buy’ t-shirts, sweatshirts or other chachkees at events with this branding?

Here’s some context I gave the designers..
“Ok, after having a chance to review all of the finalist, I was able to get it down to 6-8-but it was very difficult. One thing that drove my decision was the designers ability to evoke ‘fun’, but also present a professional looking design. Our folks are going to be young professionals and the design should reflect their youthful energy (spirit) and be ‘cool’ to look at.
*The designers selected have shown they can incorporate this dichotomy and that’s really difficult to achieve-so I appreciate you hanging with me. I think we’re going to have a fun, yet also have a cool and professional looking design.”

We hope you’ll find this contest interesting and vote. If nothing strikes your fancy, please share with others you think of..

On another note, while getting back into workout mode, I’ve been listening to ‘The Power of Habits’ by Charles Duhigg. Even though I’ve only got past the first couple chapters, I can tell it’s going to be good. The first chapter captures your attention by telling the story of a young woman in her late thirties who overcame smoking, being overweight and finally divorced.  She adjusted her ‘habits’ based on a new found goal of a future trip to Cairo, Egypt. Ironic huh? Her habits were adjusted because of a future trip. Within four years she’s ran multiple marathons and stopped smoking-I’m betting she’s happier for it.  Our ‘app for that’ is going to be so sweet!

The concept isn’t complicated, we all form habits good and bad. Our memory or minds, store all habits and we act based on preset condition(s).  As usual, there’s a common theme developing here or an iterative process that relies on a queue, action and finally a ‘payoff.’ This queue or spark leads to action and finally ends with a payoff.  This is something we all know about, but rarely think of the process of a habit formation. We form habits everyday and going into the new year, I find it ironic (and highly relevant) we came across this book when we did.

New Years Eve, like every year, is a time (an event) when we set goals for ourselves for the year ahead.

Our New Years resolution shouldn’t be a pre-condition or goal that can’t be met. It’s important to think pro-actively about health,  friends and family, and finally work.  I want to form new, better ‘habits’ that improve all of them-it’s that simple.

I want to be more fit, improve relationships and become more effective at work – not asking too much, right?  I know if we adjust a few habits, all of these things can improve, by programming myself to be more proActive and think ahead, my goals can help others achieve their goals (that will make me much happier).

Not just ‘setting and forgetting’, but tracking our progress on a daily and weekly basis. This blog was designed as one such experiment and so far, it’s paid off. I’ve already met interesting people that have not only helped me, but also confirmed my deepest thoughts. My thoughts and notes are better (even if not reflected in my writing, yet) but my mind is focused intently on the future of pro AM Labs and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in ’13.

Our membership is based on being loyal to our favorite local brands and describing our happiness in as few words as possible, then sharing with friends and family. The mission is to become supporters, advocates and ultra-valuable promoters of those who make our lives a happier and a better place. Our local merchants and our local startup’s livelihood depend on it. They might not yet have the mechanisms, support and processes defined for you to help-that’s why we’re being proActive and delivering them the support they need to treat us the way we want to be treated at home, on the road and abroad.

So, I’m headed down to the Big Easy (or New Orleans), instead of the Big Apple for the Sugar Bowl this year, wish me and the ‘Cards’ luck, I promise not to break my new found habits!

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