Back from NOLA and creating new happiness habits.. FAQs?

Back from NOLA and creating new happiness habits..

Today, I’m back in Louisville, after an unbelievable experience in the Big Easy watching the Cards vs. Gators in the 2013 Allstate Sugar Bowl. While travelling back north, I had time to finish ‘The Power of Habits’ and receive some really great feedback on the proAM Labs logo design contest! There’s only 8 days left, so if you haven’t had a chance, please help decide the most fun, yet professional design.

So far, Marsy is in the lead!

New design for pro AM Labs?

New design for pro AM Labs?

The game was amazing, nobody gave our 2 TD underdog Louisville Cardinals a chance-and based on paper -why would they? The teams played an entirely different conference schedule, one being in the high powered SEC and the other in the recently deflated Big East conference. From my blog you can probably tell I’m a Hoosier with strong IU ties, Louisville is where I live now and this win was great for the record books, our local community and economy!

While down in NOLA, we were able to run a test, an experiment. With all of the things going on for the Allstate Sugar Bowl it was very difficult to use social media to find an event of interest with all ‘things’ offered specific to us (70,000,000+ fans.)  Being in for the game, we had hours of down time to take in ‘Bourbon Street‘.  As a Mardi Gras veteran, it was different, more sporting and casual dining, drinking and people watching, like sponge bob.

SpongeBob at Nola

SpongeBob at Nola

Since getting back, I’ve been back to the ‘routine’ of forming new ‘habits’ for 2013 (one of which is my weekly blog post.)  Folks have asked “what is it you’re doing, again-blogging??”  It’s been difficult to tell them the hopes or outcome for my project, I’m hoping the mobile app development for proAM Labs network will develop a “community” and the “vision” that relies on others is quite uncertain at this point! 🙂

I found, directing folks to the blog, can sometimes be more confusing then helpful.  So, to keep this post ‘short’, I thought I’d add ‘frequently asked questions’ or FAQs as comments to the post. Hopefully, the FAQs will help those who stumble upon my blog to understand the mission of proAM Labs to enlighten, encourage and empower “whoever enters’ and wants to know “what’s going on: locally”, and promote their new found knowledge to others coming to town. So basically, the FAQs will tell folks what proAM Labs does.

Answers to possible consumer questions can actually help others get acquainted and understand better. Hopefully, folks will feel more comfortable adding their own comments and questions-who knows-we’ll give it a shot.

Building happiness habits is something we hope everyone will do and we’re cracking the code at our local meetup. So if you feel the need to go out and be among some of the most entrepreneurial, innovative and socially adaptive people in your area, go to one of the 100 plus world-wide meetups for ‘lean startups‘-you can’t go wrong networking with folks who have similar interests to your own.

In the future, we hope you’ll take a look at the ‘’ app-finding other local events and activities of interest we’ll be there for you! Eventually, you can get compensated for helping local merchants develop offerings and get promoted based on your local public activities of interest (or social happiness). I heard a commercial on the radio just tonight, saying, “UK, IU, and UofL fans may ‘hate’ each other, but their all fans of WAMZ.” I think can also be very true for our model!

Our slogan is “Find Yourself, Locally” and “be in the know, with our app.  The app and community are building so, as much as I’d like to say more, it really does take your comments and perspective to make the best program and social enterprise, and of course to make it your own.

As John Batelle said previously, only when you decide you want to take control of your personal information and demand more of your local online social communities, will you get a better experience. That’s what we’re doing and it’ll take innovators like you to make it happen.

What is
It’s a mobile network that provides an elegant way of showing local consumers (your customer) “what’s going on” locally, when they need it.  ‘The network’ tells your consumers what’s going on (locally.)

What’s the difference between it and other local POI apps?
Other apps aren’t supported by the local community (people like you and me), meaning consumers are only shown what the local press or marketing agencies filter you to, we show you everything, like your neighbors garage sale, the local burger joint may get your attention while your at the local car show. What do others, locally believe the best things going on?

We’ll have more FAQs in the comments section..

Frequently used words
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