That moment between ‘broadcast’ and ‘checking in’

That moment between ‘Broadcast’ and ‘checking in’

Well, I can’t be happier after watchin’ my Hoosiers beat the Wolverines last night at Assembly.  It was a great atmosphere and after effects are still being felt this morning.. All good though!

Anyway, back to business, after reading a couple blogs this morning I’ve been given some good advice and learning a bit what you as ‘the user’ needs or wants.  The last post was a bit deep, so I’m going to try and bring it back a bit to keep this shorter and sweeter-less messy.  We we’re talking about decisions, or specifically, ‘choosing a decisive path for happiness’, if we want to ‘optimize’ that path, to do so requires a bit of understanding, knowledge and predictive analysis.

Mark Suster with ‘Both Sides of the Table’ unintentionally archetypes the intended first use of in his article ‘Why You Shouldn’t Launch Your Startup at a Major Tech Event.’ He discusses the need or lack thereof for young startups to launch at SXSW..

Twitter was launched in “a moment.” Prior to Twitter there was no easy, public way to ask which party was the best at SXSW or where were your friends? Before Twitter there was no easy way to “conference brag” or “travel brag” or share food porn. So it filled a gap. A need. A moment in time. The iPhone will still fairly new and smart phones were just coming to the fore.

So SXSW needed Twitter. And Twitter needed SXSW. And all of the attendees needed the validation that they were the cool kids at the cool party and to tell the world of non-SXSW people that they were missing out.

And in the wake of that spectacular success FourSquare repeated the magic. How? Because by the next year Twitter had gotten really noisy. The masses were now on. It wasn’t an efficient tool for telling people which bar you were at or where you were eating lunch. And FourSquare was. It was the first “check-in app” that allowed you to know exact location. And it was purpose built for that so it wasn’t mixed up with random other messages / Tweets.”

His analysis of Twitter and Foursquare are great.  In my opinion, he’s right on about Twitter, it’s become very noisy(opportunity).  His point about Foursquare filling a void for SXSW -also right on, when Twitter got noisy, Foursquare helped deliver a method to check-in to events(places) which helped us understand why we’re going to the event(place) based on whose there or checked-in, basically where our friends are.

They were both very effective ‘in the day’, but as times change, the environment changes..(Twitters noisy and FourSquare deliver places, not info on events.)

Each are beginning to deliver additional features to it’s true customer, ‘the advertiser.’ Their platforms deliver a utility for users like us, but now that they have us, they’re becoming more of a delivery system for ads and merchants, and the platforms are being developed with their core customer ‘the advertiser’ in mind, which is OK, every company has to get paid to survive in a world which is fundamentally driven by market principles.  Mark goes on to discuss,

“But public broadcasting and location activation are done.

And so, too, is that SXSW moment.”

We at proAM Labs believe this and also believe this leaves a lot of opportunity to evolve.

So, with limited funding, localSPARK network and ‘’ are launching in order to deliver ‘happiness.’  Happiness, are really rewards, rewards are really pay-offs, which is really our ROI for you and me, not just the merchants and advertisers.

Here’s the deal, each of the above provide great utility, so we’re going to capitalize on what they’ve done, how does the saying go, “stand on the shoulders of giants?”  We believe you should have ads targeted with you and not at you and that’s whats paying for this thing, right?

Let’s stay light here, from earlier post we know the things that correlate to our happiness, it’s the things that contribute to our (physical, mental, social and emotional) growth.  These things are real events!

So, SXSW as an event is great for networking and socializing as Mark eluded to in his article above.  It’s time we begin ‘teasing’ out the ROI from the components of an event, not a place.  I’d like to go, I’d like to present, but this year we don’t have the $10K and like Mark says, why should we, that ‘moment’ has passed, it’s way to noisy for our message to be heard.  We would be much better off putting that into the customer development process and seeing if folks really want a product that tells them what will help them make the most of their experience and income from their time spent at SXSW or any conference.

Conferences are great, their a collection of awesome parties (events) where everyone is meeting new folks, socializing and learning what’s hot in tech, but as Mark mentions, your better off going and socializing, but don’t expect to get a big ‘return’ or ‘payoff’ for growth (mental, physical and emotional)!  Since broadcasting been done, and location activation has been done, there’s still a lot of work to get that events agg’d and tagged.  It’s that moment ‘in between’ we’ve been talking about, the moment between knowledge and check-in, that moment where all the real decisions (choices) are made!

Thanks Mark, your first two points of advice to local event goers and startups who believe  SXSW is a must!
1. Be very targeted in which events you attend
2. Do the leg work before the event
So, let’s do ‘the job’ that no one really has time for or wants to do anyway, right on? So we can go see our favorite teams in the Final Four!  A little predictive intelligence can go a long way to help make us truly happy, so we can go see the Hoosiers, Butler Bulldogs and UofL Cardinals in Atlanta this year!


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