Are we only inspiring to others or inspired by others when we’re happy?

Theory: Are we only inspiring to others or inspired by others when we’re happy?

In real life, do our moments of happiness come, when we are:

  • hosting or the hosted?
  • entertaining or the entertained?
  • servicing or the serviced?

As analyst, marketers and media consultants, let’s forget about ROI or ROMI for a moment and think about happiness.

When were you most recently, happy?
Can you describe the moment, the event?
What was the event?  Person, Place and Time
Were you at an event?
Were you watching or looking at a television, computer or phone/peripheral, book or magazine?
Were you with friends and family? clients or customers?

Can you describe the moment?

Happiness is How You Are, Not How You Feel

It (Happiness) is “the habits” of virtue that are acquired over years of exercising the appropriate virtues.

-Arthur Dobrin

Ask ourselves, are we providing happiness or are we being provided happiness?  We purposefully chose the above activities of hosting, entertaining and servicing as they most closely identify with the entertainment and service industries in which we’re all familiar. We know how they translate to our daily lives and work habits.  We know “service” (or customer service) is the cornerstone of any good business, organization and it’s service that provides for our customer happiness, right?

How are we servicing the client, customer or anyone in our lives really?

If you replace ‘providing service’ with ‘providing happiness’ or being provided happiness, I think happiness takes on a whole new meaning, it’s no longer this obtuse thing that’s undetermined-it’s real, it can be sensed, rated, promoted.

Considering happiness as a collection of habits is critically important to our own personal ongoing development and growth as individuals, no matter what industry or occupation we choose for ourselves-are we personally happy first?  I believe this has become a “paradigm shift” or “shift of mind” for my own personal development at 38-I wish I could have understood it sooner.  But it’s certainly better late, than never.  It all begins with me and myself, how I’m servicing myself?  Have I been treating myself with compassion, respect, when I stay up late nights working?

How can I treat others with respect and compassion if I’m not even aware of my own personal growth and development of these habits?  Hold that thought..

When I’m happy, I’ve never really questioned the price of something..I just pay it.
I’ve never really considered the price of admission to a sporting event or music festival.. If it’s important enough or interesting enough to me personally, I’ll just pay it, find a way to make it up later, just make it happen!

Is this “cup of joe” worth the $5 bucks, SURE and I gladly pay and go!

At that moment in time, the experience of happiness (or contentment) is ‘priceless.’
How did those long running Mastercard or Visa commercials go,
“$200 for tickets
$20 for the popcorn and soda
$20 for gas,
But for the things money can’t buy, priceless!”

This is “the key”, forget about the argument of whether we’re providing a product or service to a particular market segment, customer or persona. If you’re not providing happiness or joy in your customer development-you’re missing it and your customer is missing out.


How could I have missed ‘IT’ all these years?

Our customer (anyone you meet) wants us to succeed-unless your doing something illegal, unethical or immoral.  They don’t want you to fail, they want you to improve their lives with your product or service-they want you to succeed.  They even want to help you succeed, so much so, they’ll go out of their way to help you figure out the way to improve their lives and happiness, but you have to be active and ask the right questions and listening.

Are we inspiring happiness or are we being inspired when we’re:

  • having a deep philosophical conversation about business and opportunities at “Please and Thank You?” (a local cafe.)
  • playing a new rift and getting feedback on a musical collaboration? Such as with
  • getting our cars serviced by the many super observant and courteous attendants at Timmy’s Auto Wash? Where veterans get free car washes on Veterans day.  “How ‘bout a hand wax before the winter hit, sir”-absolutely!

So let’s rephrase the title of this post, are we collectively inspiring happiness or are we collectively provided happiness?

Do we consciously and subconsciously ‘choose’ to inspire collective happiness?

My last moment of happiness was watching IU vs. MSU game the other night with every expectation we were going to lose to MSU.  I mean we were on the road and this season has been very predictable, in that, it’s very unpredictable.  This game, this moment, was part of a bigger program that’s developed over many, many years through human iteration (a process).

Who was hosting the game?  Was it MSU hosting IU on the road?
Was it the NCAA providing the standards for student athlete participation?
Was it each University who created such highly successful athletic programs?
Was it the principle of competition driven by 200+ years of a democratic free market economy?
Was it the human spirit of the athletes, aspiring to play hard, driven to win like those at Mt. Olympus?
Was it a higher power?

The answer is and always will be “all of the above.”

Each of these entities through an evolutionary process of collaboration produced this event, “a moment” that mutually benefited and entertained many folks.  This “moment” or “event” delivered happiness to a lot of fans (more IU than MSU), but the game definitely gave MSU fans something to cheer about –leading up to the last 11 seconds.

So, my question is, was a game being hosted and watched collectively by millions or were we (the millions) collectively hosting the game virtually, after all, we all shared in making this “moment or event” relevant either locally physically or virtually through our common interest and various devices (TV, computer, phone, browser)?

In a small way, my eyeballs contributed to the program being broadcast nationally(ad support).
In another way, my tuition dollars lead to IU having such as strong program.
In an even more impactful way, my season tickets helped pay for the sustainability of the IU student athletic program.

It’s our shared ‘collective interest’ that led to this games production and this pre-determined event or moments availability. Not to mention, it being televized to millions -that’s all peripheral based on interest.

Our ‘shared interest’ was ultimately responsible for this events creation, production and development and a moment for me personally to view and discuss at the water cooler and on this post.

At proAM Labs, we’re developing a program that ‘shines a spotlight’ on the people and processes that make events like that game or any other ‘moment’ of happiness  possible.  They’re the players, coaches, officials, fans, broadcasters, developers, designers, device makers who make local events that inspire ‘happiness’ happen.  All of the innovative people and processes that allow events like the game above to develop from ideation to the moment they’re broadcast.

All future “events” or moments of happiness are being developed, inspired by or are inspiring others locally somewhere.

From the example, it’s easy to see, ‘IT’ takes a collective (shared) effort, it’s not just the players, coaches, commentators, broadcasters, academics, researchers, institutions, conferences, competitive marketplaces that provide that moment that inspired “us” as we had popcorn and soda.

Without my view, how can I write about the effects it had on me and my personal happiness/development?

What if we, collectively, only promoted the people and processes that developed local happiness.  Promote only the people and processes surrounding actual success of local student athletes, local startups and personal achievements?  Would we be more attracted to these local establishments or would we shun our eyes?

Would we actively participate in a process that holds our local providers accountable to local happiness and share our vision of collective growth or are we only interested in a ‘return on investment’ or adequate service levels-are they the same?  Isn’t this what a free market economy is good at?  What would the process look like?  Can we rate happiness with more than a ‘like’?

I think so, we’re innovative folks and the best programs, events, goods and services that PEOPLE provide must be supported.  It’s a requirement. When we’re happy, we’re left free to innovate and more apt to inspire others.   Innovation and inspiration only happen in marketplaces that promote free enterprise and provide a path to our personal pursuit(s) of happiness.

Valuable ideas and innovative processes will only come from those moments where people meet, enjoy conversation, chat about the daily grind and expose the problems or challenges, explore new ways to make life better, be inspired to provide valuable products, services and processes that help us accomplish more and better.

Do our ‘measures of success’ differ when you replace the term ‘service’ for ‘happiness’?

Inspiration comes to those who are happy, our vision at proAM Labs is to promote the local people and processes (informed habits) that inspire our collective happiness.

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