a couple trends leading to a ‘Perfect Storm’

..a couple trends leading to a ‘Perfect Storm’

According to RWW and Gartner, the PC industry is dead (or dying)

  • since June 2011 tablet and smartphone daily viewing surpassed TV – 81% vs. 77%
  • Word of Mouth (or DM) accounts for 20% of ALL purchase decisions and 50% of all high-end purchase decisions.
  • ALL of these decisions are being made locally (whether they be ‘in person’ or ‘virtually’ by a mobile device.)

Right now, 57% of our national market has a smartphone or tablet (many both) this # is only going to increase and all marketers should be looking for the most relevant offers and most relevant ways (channels) to deliver value by encouraging sells of relevant deals to their loyal base when (at the time) they’re most needed or wanted.

Whether these trends encourage or discourage you as a local consumer, they are facts.  It’s important we know ‘what’s goin’ on’ in the world around us. Yes, Google Glass (or other ‘on person’ devices may change everything we’ve come to know about getting information locally, but right now those devices aren’t even out, let alone disrupting the marketplace we all live in.  When they are-we’ll be ready.

So, what is ‘it’ and how can we be ready? It begins with some of the most influential minds (thought leaders) of the 20th and 21st Century.

You can be aligned with a sophisticated method of developing a customer base of loyal fans, not just followers. Through

  • a. your personal interests
  • b. proactive ‘planning’ based on above method a ‘social program’
  • c. and the ‘collective’ intelligence of your developing customer base.

As a ‘trusted’ agent you will be able to see the road ahead, predict the future so you can increase value (by providing valuable offers we all really need and want asap AND reduce the risk of buyers remorse (a pain killer). First, you must be aware of your ow ‘current local environment.’

The current environment is described above as the ‘Perfect Storm.’ If you ‘get it’ or understand the above you’re probably already self-aware and on board.

If not, we hope to enlighten and encourage you through the process. It’s definitely not hard, but you have to commit to ‘ongoing learning.’ You see, what Boyd, Deming, Ries and Blank have all pointed out through their observations is that we’re all (as a society)

a. not very good at planning and

b. we don’t have the necessary means to find what makes us happy without a little ‘collective intelligence’ or ‘actionable insight’.

If ‘actionable insight’ or ‘collective intelligence’ is of ‘interest’ to you, then read on..(or go back to a previous post here.)

So, how can we take advantage of this moment and rise above the trends? Bottom-line: Everyone is looking for the most relevant offers when (at the moment) it’s most relevant to us (when these ‘offers’ are needed.) So, ‘timing’ is a factor, which involves ‘planning.’

So, how do we optimize our knowledge of the most relevant offers and also be aligned with our customer base (the people) or our customer’s when most relevant?

You have to be involved in ‘a program’ or ‘a service” or a “program of service”.

A social service.

We’ve spent the last two years defining, refining and developing a process, developing a way to find ‘the most relevant offers’ and the ‘most effective’ way or channel to distribute these relevant offers in a timely fashion (i.e. when they’re most relevant or valuable to you and your base.) We believe we’ve cracked the code (or at least a code.)

That method relies on three bits of information person, place and time or What, When and Where. To the layperson, these are just considered ‘EVENTS.’ But to you, they’re considered ‘REL-EVENTS’ or ‘moments’ when sales or sells happen. That is ‘the only’ moment value is either created or destroyed.

This is the ‘moment of truth.’

It can be as insignificant as a daily deal (hmm, Groupon) on some chicken wings at Clucker’s or the purchase of a new car. Or something as life changing as a new therapy to help with chronic back pain or checking in at a local coffee shop (hmm, Foursquare). We don’t know what the service or product may be yet, we also don’t know when it can be most important or most valuable to our prospective clients, yet. BUT WE WILL.

You have an an opportunity to take action on this info. In the coming weeks, we’re about to give you valuable insight into a new ‘discovery or recommendation’ service and you can make an additional income that could be life changing. These are not mutually exclusive. If money is not your thing, you can still deliver a valuable service and also create valuable relationships along the way. It’s not a pre-requisite that you make money, it can be an unintended side-effect (albeit benefit in my mind.)

On the other side of that coin, if you’re only pursuing this as a money generating opportunity, it may not be right for you-that’s actually already been validated through Steve Blank’s method above. But if you truly want to be the ‘go to person’ or leader that’s ‘in the know’ of local events and activities- we may have an opportunity for you.

That’s really the key.

The method is based on local EVENTS of interest to local users (leaders) and (your customer list) our national market. You can deliver a ‘social service’ that actually helps people be more aware, more active, more alive.

If this service interest you click here.


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