How to setup a Facebook Business Page – (with lean approach)

How to setup a Facebook Business Page – (with lean approach)

We were in our Accelerator Program and Alex asked about setting up a facebook page, I thought he’s probably not the only whose asking that question, so this would be a good opportunity to document the process for others.  Just like any class, his question may help others.

As far as facebook pages go, setting up the ‘Business Page’ is the easy part.. driving traffic or folks to your business is going to be just as difficult as driving them directly to your existing site, so make sure your setting your business page up for the right reason.

Do you have a plan to drive traffic to your e-commerce site (or any other business)?  If not, think ahead..

This is a great opportunity to apply what we’ve been learning in our class which uses ‘lean principles.”

Step one: Build

If you want your page to attract attention you’ll need to go through a process similar to what this Skillshare class ‘teaches’ better than me showing you.  What’s great is, “Skillshare is a global learning community where you can learn real-world skills from real people.”

This Skillshare class is open until May 24th. so go here NOW !

BTW, per the class description, the “three favorite Facebook brand pages created by the end of the course will receive a free copy of the brand new book “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” by Wharton School Marketing Professor Jonah Berger.”

*So, since there’s only two of us enrolled right now, I’m thinking my chances for the book above are pretty good!  What better way to learn more after the class, then to win the competition and come away with a new book on viral!

Anyway, this is a great tool and community you can use for future projects and networking.  While I can’t vow for Henry Schenker, he has his reputation to uphold as the ‘Lead Strategist’ at -he’s putting his reputation on the line for $10!  I did do a little research on Offerpop and they are based in NYC and a competitor to Wildfire, which was recently purchased by Google.  They can help make your site go viral and they do have a 14 free that’s worth checking out.

Another thing about paying for a class like this is you’ll be online with tons of folks similar to yourself.  So, you’ll be able to get advice and real people can look at your facebook page and presumably business without having to pay anything (OK, the $10).  You can follow them, they can follow you and you can begin to expand your network of those with similar interests, currently,

‘How to Build a Facebook Business Page.’

They may have empathy for you and want to review your FB page and subsequently your product and service.

Step Two: Measure

If you’re going to develop a FB page, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, “to be where your potential customers are”. Or another way put, to be in the same “place” as your customer, so they can “engage with you”.  If you think you can get your friends and family, better yet, people who already bought something from you (i.e. Alex needs to remember his South America friends/customers that got him here?)  Get them to review and like your page, make sure your “call to action” is clear that your inviting them to your online store because of (“x” = “offer” of something they’ll want or have to have or “y” = “deal” they can’t refuse.)

Lean Startup is clear, “don’t waste your time on vanity metrics that just increase your personal ego, make sure it translates to purchases or action.”

If you believe you’ve successfully identified your customer (probably someone similar to yourself and the folks that bought from you in the past) then you should be able to ‘connect’ with them through your ‘Universal Spartan’ Business Page.  Just out of curiosity,

how many of your buddies bought glasses and other products from you while in South America?  Start there, connect with them and ask them to come to your online store.  Ask them to buy from you again and help you by forwarding on to their friends and family, word-of-mouth is the the most effective form of advertising at any price.

Step Three: Learn (from above results)

Be sure to set goals if you have 10 friends that bought from you in the past and you expect that 5 of them will buy from you now, test this guess(hypothesis).  That’s a 50% return rate or rate of return.  Then you can qualify future measures or ‘tests’ based on that high watermark.

  1. You’re going to be developing your FB brand page, but also
  2. learning ‘tips & tricks’ from a Lead Strategist at Offerpop but also
  3. get a new community of folks who are empathetic to your cause as an entrepreneur to look at your site
  4. win the book that will keep you building contagious websites strategies.. If I win, I let you borrow 😉
  5. Test the results of your new ‘double edged’ sword strategy

Henry Schenker is a Lead Strategist at Offerpop. In his role, he helps world class organizations get the most out of their social marketing campaigns including Amazon, Unilever, and Viacom. An avid New York Rangers fan, Henry lives in Brooklyn, NY.

He has no idea I’m writing this about his class, but I look forward to taking it, so I can make his acquaintance.  We’ll learn or network with an industry thought leader, learn a few tips and tricks, learn how to do a facebook business page, and more importantly learn how to test the ‘outcomes’ of our project.  So we can decide for ourselves if this was a tactic.

Well, I’m going to hit send now, hope this helps increase our attendance for mine and Alex sake (better yet, keep the class small so we can win the contest.)

Which is better, ‘more attendance or less’?  If our goal is to win a contest and get free books (probably less,)

But if our ultimate goal is to ‘drive traffic’ to our respective sites, then we want more!

Can you think of a better way to get your online presence in front of more people? Folks interested in what you’re sharing or selling?


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