The best direct marketing program is education – Ignorance is the enemy of the best intentions..

The best direct marketing program is education- Ignorance is the enemy of the best intentions..

Where to begin..

This has been a whirlwind week, from the wiki-survey that helps us moderate ideas for the Mayor:

..based on..

..these were all uncoordinated, unannounced, unplanned activities and events, you get the picture..this was no ordinary week.  Not to mention my customer interview with Horseshoe Casino’s Marketing Department-it was crazy!

 I have to admit, it was exciting, interesting, frustrating at times, but entirely enjoyable.  It was a ‘fluid’ environment of learning from different stakeholders.  Whether they be the Marketing Directors to direct marketers (or as I like to call us ‘customer developers’.)

Whatever you want to call it, the playing field has been set.

Since you’ve read my previous post(s) you probably already know the ‘Perfect Storm’ is already upon us.  The internet, mobile search, marketing (i.e. customer development) has converged into a single moment of truth.  You have an opportunity to be a part of something that’s part of the American fabric.  While the playing field’s set, the rules are still being developed and that’s an evolving process.  Think of any sport, they’re still changing the play clock in college basketball and making the NFL safer.  These rules exist to improve entertainment and value of and for the games we all love.

We’re going to do the same.

With the “digital learning revolution” literally upon us, what are the rules now? mobile, social, local.

If you like to learn you’ve come to the right place!  The proAM is curious, adaptable and fluid.. You’re a chameleon of different talents.  One minute you’re a salesperson, the next minute you’re just sharing a hot tip.  Jay Baer says the only difference between helping and selling is two letters.  I think he’s right, but I’d go even further in saying that we’re always doing one of two things, either selling or sharing.  (I know, you have to be careful using absolutes. you could be sleeping.)  But when you’re awake, you’re  constantly selling yourself and your capabilities to others around you.. They are our friends and family, team-mates and co-workers.

They are your customers.  You don’t think of this daily? To be a good customer developer..


do not work from a script.

do not ‘play it safe’, you do ‘leave it all on the field’.

are outgoing, but also know how to be reserved.

are intelligent and sensitive to those who aren’t ‘in the know’.

have interpersonal skills that are highly developed and improving.

are ‘self aware’ and conscious of those around you and your surroundings.

So, based on a survey we recently developed for YPAL – Young Professionals Association of Louisville, we’re learning some valuable insight about ourselves and what we’re all thinking (collectively).  Our highest rated ideas to “How can we tackle the issue of developing, attracting and sustaining a technology talent ecosystem” include the following:


  • Offer training programs so local people can acquire the necessary skills
  • Improve ‘virtual work’ conditions and accommodations for developers downtown and at public parks
  • Support local co-opportunities (conferences) between private industry and higher ed. (IF?)
  • Support local programs developing that engage, enlighten, encourage and empower local youth

Since you’ve been reading the post, you probably already know which suggestions proAM submitted!  As you can see, there are a couple ideas firmly defining the problem as being ‘training, engagement and collaboration’ of our local youth (and I’d say our local leaders as it relates to search and social media!) Can we do better then just develop a product or service?  Can we provide a better future for ourselves and next generation?

So, what would that look like?  We’re building our program now in real and virtual classroom settings or through ‘user groups’ (Meetups) and other communities.

Direct Marketing has gotten a bad rap recently.  As we’ve discussed there’s a renaissance upon us, Word-Of-Mouth is still the most effective form of advertising and that’s not ever, ever going to change.  We’re not developing your father’s direct or affiliate marketing program.  We’re not asking you to go door-to-door hawking candy for your local fundraiser and special events.  WE are selling awareness, personal improvement and investment in our collective education.  We don’t have to concern ourselves with how the product is perceived by our friends and family..this isn’t a ‘take it’ or ‘leave it’ proposition.

It’s an ongoing proposition everyone will eventually want to be a part of-but the 1% of you who do early are going to be rewarded.

You’re just ahead of the game, we’re coaching and mentoring local leaders who already ‘get’ the big picture.

What is ‘it’?

‘Actionable insight’ or ‘collective intelligence‘ to deliver relevant results on offers and eventful information when it’s needed most or when it’s most useful.

The rules (business rules) are being developed. We’re defining them now with your insight.  How do we reduce risk and increase opportunities (for everyone)?  How do we improve our program of education and awareness so folks know what we’re talking about?   We have to be listening to our customers.. Education is 90% of all new product development.

So, that’s the challenge and now that we know our challenge we can begin listening better and make better decisions. (watch video)

We now know our enemy..

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledgeStephen W. Hawking

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