I want my MTV! (or maybe it’s now YouTube?)

I want my MTV!  (or maybe it’s now YouTube?)

As a child of the 80’s, this mornings article on TODAY discussed the inception and invention of MTV.  It was inspiring. The concept was simple, play music videos on TV, 24 hours a day. The product has become a part of the American fabric. All the while, the content has changed considerably. Their mission then and today is constant, to evolve.

While interviewing the VJ’s (who I now hardly recognize), I thought, the product was music videos played 24 hours a day, but a by-product was ‘insight’ into the lives of the rock stars through interviews. The VJ’s were an important (arguably in my opinion, the most important) aspect of the programming. They say “video killed the radio star” and maybe there will be a song about YouTube killing the video star.  But the TV will live on.

The internet has changed everything we know, just look at Mark Cuban‘s AXS TV.  A recent Pew report revealed that since June 2011 tablet and smartphone daily viewing surpassed TV – 81% vs. 77%.  And from the articles below, we observe YouTube viewing has surpassed TV.  Mark Cuban believes the future of TV is TV.  He subscribes to the thought that advertising revenue is a result of ‘continuous engagement’ or the ‘length of engagement’-being in front of a TV.  We believe this is true, but all indicators also indicate that if given the choice, we (the user) wants to be mobile or able to be active and free to roam.

I personally would rather not be ‘tethered’ to a 55 in screen TV viewing area, if I don’t have to be.  But I also don’t like viewing movies on my iPhone.  So there’s a lot of room for engagement in the screen sizes that fit somewhere ‘in between’ and given the choice, I’d rather BE ABLE TO BE mobile(me).

In each scenario, people are the constant.  The platforms change, viewing ‘habits’ change and advertising models will change, but people or users are the customer and focus.  We are figuratively and literally in control of our own viewing domain.

We are also the conduit, the navigators that bring interesting content to our daily lives (maybe even 24/7)!  So, I can’t imagine a future where people or users won’t be viewing, delivering and introducing content to us in interesting ways, helping us dive deeper into the lives and ‘local’ experiences whether we are mobile or sedentary. While TV was the media of the 80’s we all know the internet and mobile is delivering the ‘platforms of the future’ which include YouTube and others like Vimeo. Just because the technologies and platforms have evolved the underlying current remains, we want more content, we want to be entertained, we also want insight into topics that interest us.  Is this a topic of interest?

We all want content that is R-I-T-E (Relevant, Interesting, Timely and Entertaining.)

So, where are we today?

The content on YouTube is delivered by folks and some get ‘traction’ while others fail. If you can ‘evolve’ based on user input, you can build a product that’s interesting to a market. I’m not saying IP video is for everyone, right now. We all do love our 55 in TVs. But as the PEW research shows us above the trends are shifting.  This is already changing many of the pre-existing advertising-based business models.
While the main delivery mechanism may be changing to mobile devices, the experiences still takes interesting people serving up relevant content to a target market or audience. People will always be involved in the delivery and production VALUE of relevant content. The MTV Network is a great example of a ‘lean start up idea’ that evolved over time from a niche market of music videos to what we see today.

It’s also a great example of how the ‘barriers to entry’ have fallin’ to allow folks like you and me the opportunities to uncover and deliver content in a more effective, more timely manner. But the content has still got to be right!

Not unlike Mark Cuban, we’re delivering a network exposing the local events of our local regional communities (it’s still a project). What should we call it.. We where think something along the lines of ‘localSPARK’? Our solution is delivering a common need, the “need for speed”, no really, the need to know ‘whats goin on’ locally (with speed) and we’ve found our first local VJ’s. They’re young talented folks who are ‘curious’ and bring local topics of common interest to you! (but not until we get our our delivery mechanisms just right.)
Greg Sanders , Brad Hoffman , Felicia White , Callie Franks have all signed up for the challenge of bringing relevant content on local events of interest to our finger tips, being a part of our pilot (and pilot) navigators for the local region is a huge part of the experience to deliver interesting events near you!  The platform is internet-based and we’re excited to see the value we create for our local economy and community.  Their job is to interview you.. Find out what you’re interested in seeing and doing.

So, what do you find interesting??

How can we deliver the best of that to you?

You provide the insight into what’s interesting, you tell us what you want more of, where you want and when you want it.  As Steve Perry with Journey would say, “Anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it.”  Pretty crazy to see this video from the 80’s! Enjoy..

Let your creativity and sparks fly, the insight begins with you! We’ve got some really great programming in store for those in the local region and can’t wait to get started developing!  proAM Labs, is giving inside access to the development  (it’s a grassroots effort for local TV via whats4.me.)

Once whats4.me is available to deliver ‘collective intelligence’ or ‘actionable insight’ we’ll have a platform (or SaaS) where you can be the star by providing and voting on the content that’s right from your community and our web. Our mission, like MTV, is to constantly evolve and hopefully improve our base with your feedback. While media has changed by putting the power in the hands of the user, we look forward to augmenting the experience by providing you relevant and interesting content in the most interactive environments that engage, enlighten, encourage and empower you!

The product is still ‘distribution of relevant content’. But technology allows us to ‘flip the script’ making you the operating/community manager.  You have unprecedented access to the local leaders and world around you.

YouTube and Vimeo have done a great job of delivering content to our pc (not just tv). And they’re evolving to bring this content better to our mobile devices. The real value hasn’t changed, it’s in the (distribution channel) or people who aggregate, curate and deliver this content.

We are those people.  Join us at the Louisville CVB on 4th street May 18th!


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