July 4th & Declaration(s)

July 4th & Declaration(s)

Today, 237 years ago our Fore-Fathers (most notably Adams) predicted this date would be “solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bell, bonfires and illuminations,” and here we are.

That’s what the Fourth of July is all about. It’s a coast-to-coast celebration of the life of a country based on a premise that rejected royal families and ruling classes and embraced individual liberty. – The News-Gazette

This may be the easiest and hardest post I’ve written to date.

In previous instances, I’ve felt I had nothing to write about, it sometimes seemed tedious to squeeze out 750 words from the previous weeks experience-but not today. It’s easier and harder for a couple of reasons. There’s soo much inspiration delivered by the words and work of Adams and Jefferson-it’s hard to know where to begin. If you think about the time, “the way they (or we) were” to today, it was unpredictable and unimaginable what they would accomplish.

Somehow a defiant Adams defined a path for a new life for us all and “here we are”, now.

proAM Labs is literally a deliverable or at least a direct derivative from our Declaration of Independence as we lift the mantra “in pursuit of happiness.” John Adams was responsible for uniting us through a fiery speech of common purpose.  An idea of freedom and the unalienable rights of the individual and Jefferson penned the phrases. So, it’s only fitting they inspire this post,  but also our (proAM Labs) entire vision for the future. This week was a ‘pivotal’ moment (pardon the entrepreneurial pun) for proAM Labs and next year, we’ll be wondering what happened..this is our declaration.

So where to begin?

Today, proAM Labs, coalesced as three individuals, two new roles emerged based on the idea of “finding happiness” through personal growth and business development. This week we’ve partnered with our local Administration who believes in the role of open data and more importantly us.  Or at least the steps we’re taking to make it available to local students of personal growth and lean business development.

The last 237 years has given us a sort of road map where transparency, individual earned success and happiness are cornerstones. Adams predicted the future above for us, not through self marketing and promotion, but through shear will and determination. The Declaration of Independence was a ‘moment’ that defined a nation. And as they drove their post in the ground drawing strength and hope for/from others -we’ll do the same.

What are you pursuing today? What is your path to happiness?

In doing a bit of research, I couldn’t believe the brand ‘Louis Vuitton’ also provided a source of inspiration and view for our future. As much as we know is wrong with marketing and advertising today, Louis Vuitton does it right. Their content “tells a story” and is an excellent source of inspiration. You may not be into high fashion, art or even America’s Cup (a regatta), but once you lock onto their site it’s difficult (if not impossible, to tear yourself away.)

They explicitly say, “Explore the World of Louis Vuitton” this is marketing and advertising at it’s best-to find inspiration, you’ll want to go there now. Or as Liz Lemmon from 30 Rock would say, “I want to go to there!”

You know, in some cosmic way it makes sense that I’ve stumbled upon the Louis Vuitton site after doing an inspirational post on our Fore-Fathers. I just recently watched a 60 minutes interview of David McCullough, author of a book called, John Adams. Where he described our inspirational Fore-Fathers motivation derived from their travels to France (where, as of yet, I’m only fortunate enough to view via the internet and basically a Louis Vuitton advertisement.) Of which, I’m thankful.

SO, coming full circle, only to be re-iterated next year, new time, this place, we’ll discuss how proAM Labs has delivered a valuable product that allows users to to deliver happiness through our shared aspirations, inspiration and real-life experiences.. Today, it’s raining in Louisville, Kentucky, but were declaring our intentions for tomorrow, it’s our intention to not only view this world from the lens of Louis Vuitton but ‘predictably’ BE participating in this world. We’ll be engaged in activities like America’s Cup which begins today in San Francisco, CA.

So, I hope your enjoying your 4th and we look forward to hearing what your declarations are for the coming year and beyond! You can’t predict the future, you can only make choices that pre-determine the outcomes of the future you make for your-self.

So, do it, now.

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